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Silver kitty, cat pendant with real aquamarine stones, absolutely unique silver medal

This totally unique kitty pendant is a very special piece of my jewellery collection. Being unique means that it was designed and made wholly by me. There is no cast made if it so it can not be reproduced, it is impossible to make this same piece again. The asymmetric form represents a cat. The eyes are made of two beautiful green stones that seem to glow just like the eyes of a cat.

Naturally, I can also use some other stones for the eyes. In the second picture the stones are real, blue, beautiful aquamarine gemstones. All phases of work were carried out by hand. The intricate tail piece, the ornate back, the tiny, rhombus-shaped motifs are the results of precise work by hand and soldering. The inside part of the pendant is made to look antique to enhance the outlines. It turned out a bit secessionist, it is Tim Burton-ish. The chain with the pendant is only a decoration. The price is only for the pendant but naturally, I can send a chain, too. The pendant is large. 4,5 cm long and 3 cm wide. I trust that it will find somebody, who likes unique, special, modern, yet rustique jewellery.

24990 ft